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Each time you gather with those you care about, let's make it count.  


Think of all the people you care about:

  • Your employees

  • Your clients

  • Your potential customers

  • Your community


What if you and your brand could connect with them in a good, fun, positive, memorable, and - more than that - meaningful way.

I can help you do exactly that.


"We recently brought in Giancarlo Bernini to perform for our team.  He was amazingly entertaining, completely professional, and - in a word - magical.  If you are looking for a surefire hit, I enthusiastically recommend Giancarlo for your event!"


Co-founder of Siri

Vice-President of R&D at Samsung

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Giancarlo Bernini is YOUR secret to transforming events into something magical.

You may have initially heard of Giancarlo as an entertainer.  After all, he is an acclaimed magician and keynote speaker, with multiple national television and radio appearances under his belt.  However, Giancarlo knows that the real magic is in connecting you and your people through an amazing experience.

Giancarlo now offers you much more than just an evening of entertainment...


You get a full event consultation from an audience engagement specialist.

So what exactly are you getting?


Every event is different, with unique and specific needs. However, some of the services offered include:


  • Pre-event phone consultations   Tips for planning the best events

  • Mingling magic   Break the ice while creating personal connections

  • On-site consultations   Make sure everything is running smoothly

  • Wake-up artist   Let's engage everyone quickly as soon as the day starts

  • Keynote Speaking   Let's capture the essence of why we're here

  • Evening Entertainment   The big finale - let's wow them with a show!

Giancarlo has worked with
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Connect with those you care about in a unique, laughter-filled, magical way.


Let's face it... Without the weather, most people don't know how to start a conversation at a gathering.  I'll fix that. 


When people feel connected -  a part of the group - they actually "plug in" and stay engaged all night long!

How can I help? Let's talk about your next event!

Thank you!

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