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The Magician

“My aim is to transform your perspective of the ordinary into something incredibly magical."

  Giancarlo has:

  • Vanished objects at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles,

  • Demonstrated a working time machine on national TV,

  • Read listeners' minds over Sirius XM radio, and

  • Defied the laws of physics at Lucas Oil Stadium while surrounded by 25,000 people!

Giancarlo’s passion is to create a mind-blowing magical experiences in any space he is invited to perform.

He delivers this experience through a carefully crafted show of award-winning, world class magic.
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The Team

Although he performs a one-man show, Giancarlo regularly works with a core group of people to ensure that you receive a quality, unparalleled experience.


Kyle Hartman

Kyle J Hartman is a Film & TV Composer in Los Angeles. Known for being a consummate storyteller, Kyle uses music to craft compelling narratives and enhance visual media. Kyle is currently composing original orchestral tracks for Extreme Music in collaboration with musicians at Bleeding Fingers studio. You can connect with Kyle online here.
Much of the music you hear during Giancarlo's performance was composed by Kyle, who custom-made each piece specifically for the show.

Laura Palmer
Travel Coordinator

With years of experience as a travel agent and event planner, Laura Palmer is an expert in arranging and coordinating logistics for any event, whether that be scheduling flights, booking hotels, or finding venues.  You can learn more about Laura here.
Laura coordinates all of Giancarlo's travel and lodging logistics behind the scenes to ensure you have a smooth and simple booking experience.

Michael Winarto
Technical Director

Michael Winarto's love of magic and background in engineering uniquely positions him to run the technical aspects of an illusion show.  He has a natural talent for developing lighting design to perfectly complement a script, a prop, or a soundtrack. Giancarlo constantly works with Michael to design an immersive magic show experience.
Michael directs the technical design of Giancarlo's show, including lighting cues and prop management. He also oversees merchandise sales at large events.

The Magic Firm
Magic & Illusion Consultants

The Magic Firm is a full service magic consulting company.  With the motto of "Making Better Magic", they offer consulting on all aspects of magic creation, development, and performance. You can learn more about them here.
Giancarlo routinely works with Brent Braun at the Magic Firm to develop and design new illusions, revise scripting, and craft an incredible experience.
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