Corporate Events

Private Functions

"We recently brought in Giancarlo Bernini to perform for our team.  He was amazingly entertaining, completely professional, and - in a word - magical.  If you are looking for a surefire hit, I enthusiastically recommend Giancarlo for your event.

- Adam Cheyer

Co-founder of Siri

Vice President of R&D at Samsung

"Engaging, entertaining, and mesmerizing-- Giancarlo's magical talents held our guests spellbound from beginning to end.  A first-rate magician and entertainer."   

- Cleo Martinez



"South Texas ISD's Biblioteca Las Américas library had the honor of hosting one of Giancarlo's magic shows this year. His performance was incredible and he had the audience spellbound from the moment he started."

- Ann Vickman



Church Events

"Giancarlo Bernini brilliantly combines the truths of our faith with spectacular magic. His magic is mind blowing, but it's his humor and warmth that will keep audiences coming back for many years to come.  He'll leave audiences amazed at his magic and excited to learn more about their faith."

 - Jennifer Fulwiler

National radio host, author, and keynote speaker

 In addition to private functions, Giancarlo has performed for


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