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Giancarlo Bernini's


an online magic course

Want to learn magic?


Perfect . . .  that's why we're introducing the  SECRET STUDIO

What will I learn?

  • READ THE MINDS of friends and family
  • Magically find the FOUR ACES in a deck of cards
  • PREDICT the choices someone will make
  • Move a metal paperclip WITH YOUR MIND
  • Make objects DISAPPEAR at your command

What is included?

Instant access to a streaming video library that teaches the secrets to over ten very impressive but easy to master magic tricks, along with performance tips.
These tricks have been selected because they involve foundational theories and techniques that can be applied more broadly.  The videos are organized into chapters that each focus on a specific principle.
NEW: The course now includes a BONUS section where we asked seasoned professionals to each give you their top tips and advice on performing magic!

Why Learn Magic?

  • ​Magic requires outside-the-box thinking, which helps develop creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Magic tricks require practice, which fosters perseverance and self-discipline
  • Magic tricks involve sleight of hand, which helps develop motor skills
  • Magic is a performance art, which helps develop communication and social skills.
  • Most importantly, it's a FUN way to bring joy to others!


Is the Secret Studio for kids or adults?
The course has been designed such that these tricks can thoroughly entertain and fool adult audiences, yet are simple enough for kids ages 8+ to be able to learn them.  
Will I need anything else?
You need a fast internet connection, as the course is comprised of a streaming video library.  All of the tricks use easily available household items such as paper, pens, coins, paperclips, etc.  Many of them also use an ordinary deck of cards.   There is one trick near the end of the course based on a common magic prop, but I show you how you can also make your own version of it with household items.
How do I access the course once I purchase it?
Shortly after your purchase, you will be emailed a PDF with instructions on how to access the video library.

Want More?

For just $65 more, you can add a 30 minute video call (FaceTime or Zoom) with Giancarlo to learn more tricks or improve the tricks you already know!
Email Giancarlo at to schedule a call.
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