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Giancarlo's Mug on Rope Routine

Giancarlo Bernini is a professional magician who has appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Sirius XM

Are you ready to take your magic performances to the next level with a side-splitting and mind-boggling routine that your audience will love? Look no further!


Renowned magician Giancarlo Bernini has created a sensation with his comedy magic routine MUG ON ROPE, also popularly referred to as "The Helmet Trick."  Prepare to amaze and entertain like never before!

The "Mug on Rope" Trick - A Must-Have Addition to Your Repertoire! 


What's Included:


🎭 Performance Rights: Own the exclusive rights to perform this one-of-a-kind comedy magic routine at your shows, parties, events, and TV performances! You'll have the audience roaring with laughter and applause as you masterfully execute this delightful act.

🎬 Video Tutorial: Learn the secret handling and presentation directly from Giancarlo Bernini. Our video tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to perfecting every nuance of the routine, ensuring you deliver a flawless performance every time!  You will also learn an alternate handling using blindfolds instead of helmets.


🚫 Supplies Not Included: Please note that the package includes only the performance rights and video tutorial.


You'll need to source your own supplies, such as two helmets (or blindfolds) with blacked-out visors, two magnets, a rope, and a normal mug. But don't worry; these common items can be easily acquired, making this routine accessible to all magicians.


💡 Secret Gimmick Link: As part of your download, you'll receive a special link that leads you to the secret source where you can purchase the special gimmick required for the "Mug on Rope" trick. Giancarlo has handpicked this gimmick to ensure a mind-blowing effect that will leave your audience wondering how you pulled off such magic!


🎊 Watch It in Action: To witness the magic and comedic brilliance of the "Mug on Rope" trick, we've included a video of Giancarlo Bernini performing the routine. Prepare to be amazed and inspired as you envision yourself captivating your own audiences with this fantastic act!


💰 Price: The performance rights and video tutorial, guiding you through the intricacies of the routine, are available for only $217. This investment will undoubtedly pay off in the form of endless applause, raving reviews, and memorable moments to last a lifetime!

🌟 🔥 Embrace the magic, ignite the laughter, and make every performance unforgettable with Giancarlo Bernini's "Mug on Rope" trick! 🔥 🌟

Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this hilarious and mystifying act to your magical repertoire. With Giancarlo Bernini's "Mug on Rope" trick in your toolkit, you'll become the talk of the town and the favorite of every audience!


🎯 Get your performance rights now and download the video tutorial to start practicing today. Remember, magic is all about captivating hearts, and with this routine, you'll capture them all!


🛒 Click the link below to secure your performance rights and unlock the secrets of "The Mug on Rope" trick:


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