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Magician vs. Mentalist - what's the difference?

You've probably heard the term mentalist and wondered what's the difference between that and a magician.

A mentalist tends to perform "mind-reading" type magic, or tricks that deal with psychology. Rather than not explaining how a trick works, they might claim they are accomplishing their tricks by reading body-language or influencing people with their words.

A magician falls into a broader category where they perform other types of tricks not limited to the mind - they might have more visual tricks or large illusions. However, many magicians still perform mentalism as a part of their act.

For instance, I bill myself as a "magician" because I do a lot of visual and comedy magic. However, a large portion of my act is still comprised of "mentalism" type tricks.

If you are looking for a mentalist, it is still worth considering magicians and expressing your interest in mentalism when hiring them. You'd be surprised how many of them - like myself - also offer a mentalism show that is not as heavily advertised.

Whether you're interested in a mentalism show or a magic show, you can reach out here for a quote for your event!

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