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giancarlo bernini

Magical Entertainer | Audience Engagement Specialist | Event Consultant




Take a second, and think of all the people you care about:

  • Your employees

  • Your clients

  • Your potential clients

  • Your community        


What if you and your brand could connect with them in a good, fun, positive, memorable, and - more than that - meaningful way?

I'm here to help you do exactly that.


Each time you gather with those you care about, let's make it count.  


"If you are looking for a surefire hit, I enthusiastically recommend Giancarlo for your event!"


Co-founder of Siri, VP at Samsung


Let's start with the big picture...

What's your goal?

In other words, what do you want people to say as they leave your event?

  • "Wow, my organization really cares about me and values what I do!"
  • "I've really grown a lot closer to the team that I work with!"
  • "I love my job! I want to stay here as long as I can."
  • "Wow, what I do really matters and is making an impact!"
  • ___________________________________ (fill in the blank)

Providing entertainment is really a way for you to show people that you care about them and communicate with them in an engaging way, so it's important to start here.



So let's WOW them!

What kind of entertainment do you need?

Tell me as much as you can about the program schedule so we can figure out the best fit for your event.

Stage Show

Mingling Magic

Wake-Up Artist


Do you want to show your audience that they are valued and appreciated?

A stage show will accomplish this. A fun filled program of awe and laughter. At the end, Giancarlo's finale will incorporate a short message communicating your event's theme in a way that really hits home.

Do you need an icebreaker or a way to connect and introduce people?

Mingling Magic is just the thing for this.  Entertainment that moves around the room, bringing together groups of 5-8 people, introducing them to each other in a fun and meaningful way.

Are you looking to provide a break between work sessions?

A "Wake-Up Artist" would be perfect. Short, fun, energetic bits of entertainment in the morning or after lunch help break up the day and add energy to the room.

Do you need to tie your whole event together?

You need an emcee and/or keynote. Along with the entertainment, it can be valuable to have someone help transition between parts of the program and then bring it all together at the end of the night.


I'm here to help!

Let's Set Your Event Up for Success

Here are some key questions to ask:

  • How are you structuring the program schedule to maximize engagement and accomplish your main goals?
  • What is the ideal floor layout for your type of event? Do you need lighting and sound?  Do you need a stage?
  • Are people excited about the event?
  • What is the plan for introducing the people that you want to connect with each other?
  • How are you communicating to your audience that they are important and valued?

Not sure about some of these? That's perfectly okay.
Asking these questions means you're already ahead of the game. 


Let's face it, you're probably not a professional event designer.   But, we're going to make you look like a ROCKSTAR as the best event planner your organization has ever seen.


When you work with me, you get unlimited phone consultations about your event, where you can have the expertise of a professional entertainer in your corner.


You'll also get full access to my audience engagement and event design notes.

On our consulting calls, I'll walk through those notes with you step-by-step and explain how they apply to the specifics of your event.


We'll make sure your event shines!

I'm looking forward to working with you!!

You can always reach me at

©2021 Magic of Giancarlo Bernini, LLC

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