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giancarlo bernini

Audience Engagement Specialist


These are the most common styles of room setups.

Room Seating Layout Examples (1).jpg

TheaterBanquet, and Classroom will work for a stage/platform performance in front of the group.

HorseshoeColumns, Boardroom, and Hollow Square will not work for a stage/platform performance in front of the group.  Consider mingling close-up entertainment instead.

This is the ideal Banquet-Style Room Setup.

Room Layout Flat.jpg
Room Layout 3-D.jpg

The following notes refer to the images above,

but also apply to theater and classroom set ups.

  •  Having a stage is crucial.

    • Every seat should be a good seat, and a stage makes that happen. A stage makes a HUGE difference in visibility, so even people far in the back can see.

  • Stage is against the short wall.

    • ​People like sitting closer to the center.​

    • Side views feel like bad seats no matter how close they are to the front.

    • You only need two light trees (instead of 3 or 4) to properly light short wall.

    • It's better to have many rows with a great view than a few very wide rows

  • There are two sets of steps

    • Allows for quick, easy transitions between presenters, no "dead" time. 

    • No handrail on the front steps - interferes with visibility.

    • Handrail on side steps encouraged for anyone who needs it.

    • If you only have one set of steps, have them on the side. 

  • All chairs are facing the front, even at round tables.

    • This one change makes a HUGE difference. 

    • They can see the entertainment on stage AND see their friends' reactions at the same time, which enhances enjoyment of the show.

    • Otherwise, HALF the audience has a "bad seat"

    • Simply "turning their chairs" is often way more uncomfortable than it sounds.

  • No dance floor between seats and stage.

    • This makes people feel disconnected from performance.

    • People don't need to be close to the music speakers to dance

    • People do need to be close to the stage enjoy the presentation.

    • If you must have a dance floor, there are ways to do it depending on the venue.  But placing it in front of the stage is NEVER a good idea.​

  • Note positions of Lights and Speakers

    • Details are covered on next page of notes.​

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