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giancarlo bernini

Audience Engagement Specialist

Program Schedule

Events covered below: Morning SessionsSocial Times, and Dinner Programs


  • Use a wake up artist

    • 5-15 minutes of entertainment throughout the day to re-energize the room

  •  Best times for this

    • At the START of the day

    • Immediately AFTER LUNCH

    • After an extra long meeting

  • This will differentiate you from other events!

    • It's a small change that makes a huge impact!


  • Cocktail Hours, Holiday Parties, Company Picnics

    • Recommended Entertainment: Mingling Close-Up Magic throughout

    • This connects people in a fun way and adds energy to the room

    • I can get to approximately 120 people per hour

    • Consider a combination of stationary AND roving entertainment (such as having a caricature artist in addition to what I will be doing).

  • Team Building Events

    • Recommended Entertainment: 30-45 min show in front of the group

    • Best times: Beginning of the day or after lunch.

    • Serves as icebreaker - an interactive performance gradually gets people comfortable with the idea of participation


Principles apply for any event where a meal is served.

  • Dinner, THEN Entertainment, THEN Main Program (if there is one)

    • Avoid temptation to have entertainment during dinner or to surprise them with entertainment at the end of the night. This does not work well!

  • Why Entertainment goes immediately AFTER the meal

    • People are hungry, allow them to eat first.

    • Dinner is too noisy and distracting for entertainment to be effective

    • People are psychologically used to the idea of "Dinner and a Show"  

  • Why Entertainment goes BEFORE the main program (if there is one)

    • The purpose of the entertainment is to serve the main program by building the energy in the room, introducing the main program, and putting it in a position of honor.  

    • Anything that happens after the main program is perceived as an obstacle stopping people from going home/going to sleep/going to the bar.

    • Entertainment requires the most focused attention and participation from the audience. This is harder as people grow more tired or after they've been drinking for a while.

  • Highest ranking person in the room introduces entertainment

    • Instills trust and establishes rapport between audience and performer

    • Performer doesn't have to spend first moments trying to "win the audience over"

    • A quick 5 minute rehearsal of the introduction with the performer makes a huge difference

  • Dinner service ceases completely during entertainment

    • Plates should be cleared before the entertainment.  Minimize noisy distractions.

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