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giancarlo bernini

Audience Engagement Specialist

Making a Connection

At the end of the day, we want to connect with everyone in the room.


The main goal is for people to feel appreciated and valued.

Some of events have the added goal of facilitating networking.


We'll cover both here.


  • Do guests receive a proper invite?

    • This sets the tone of the whole event.

    • Consider sending a proper invitation through "snail mail" to their homes in addition to email invites or invites delivered at work. 

    • You want people excited and talking about the event in the days leading up.

    • If you care enough to send a proper invite, 

  • Does everyone feel valued, even if they aren't being recognized?

    • Very important for events like awards ceremonies.

    • ​Does everyone feel valued at your awards ceremony, even if they don't receive an award? This is where a show with a message of appreciation comes in handy.

    • Remember: entertainment is ultimately a way we show people that we care appreciate them and value their time.

  • Recognize Spouses and Other Guests

    • Have a moment where you thank spouses/families/guests for their support

    • Consider parting gifts for guests/spouses

    • People feel even more appreciated when they see that those they care about are being valued.

  • Are Cars Being Valeted?

    • Consider leaving a box of two truffles in the car, as a surprise when they leave


  • Name Plates at Meal

    • Randomized seating chats can help with team building​

    • Strategic seating charts can help foster connections between key groups, such as potential clients and salespeople.

  • Color Coded Name tags

    • Name tags in general are a must for any networking event

    • A Color Coded system is a subtle but clear way to identify different roles without having to read fine print under someone's name.

    • When I do mingling magic, this helps me know which people to connect and introduce to each other.

  • Mingling/Walk-Around Entertainment

    • Let's face it, without the weather, most people don't know what to talk about

    • This is where mingling, close-up entertainment is key

    • My job is to bring groups of 4-8 people together, introduce them in a fun and engaging way, and then move on to the next group, leaving them with something amazing to talk about!

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