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giancarlo bernini

Audience Engagement Specialist

Lighting and Sound





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  • Having clear sound is key

    • Remember, the end goal is to communicate a message.

    • Problems to look out for: Static/buzz, lagging audio, volume differences

  •  Note Position of Speakers

    • Front of the room, so that sound comes from direction of the performer (not disorienting).

  • Sound Board Mixer Near Stage, to the side. 

    • Have an AV technician at mixer to troubleshoot during performance

    • Close proximity to stage to avoid wireless signal issues

    • Important to have multiple power outlets nearby. *

    • Not blocking audience view. 

  • Lav or Headset Microphone for performer *

    • Hands-free AND wireless is important 

  • Also: a microphone on a stand *

    • Should be placed Stage Left (your left when facing the audience from the stage.)

    • For volunteers who come onstage​

    • For quick announcements

    • For anyone who needs to address the audience without having to wear a lav mic.

  • Use a Professional AV Team

    • If you are at a convention center, hotel, ballroom, or theater, talk to their team.

    • A hired DJ often has equipment that's great for music but not for microphones or to accommodate presenters.

    • Connect presenters with whoever is running sound to communicate needs. *

  • Know the tech needs of all other presenters

    • ​Make sure there are no conflicts.

      * These directly affect my performance, so please let me know if any of these are not available so I can help find a way to work around it! 
      I may have equipment that I can bring. 


  • Light the Performance Area

    • Focused lighting helps keep audience attention and minimize distraction.

    • Especially if room lighting is low, a bright stage keeps audience from growing tired

  •  Note Position of Light Trees

    • Stage should be on short wall, so only two light trees needed.

    • Angled at 45 degree angles from the stage on the horizontal plane

    • Also angled at 45 degree angles DOWN onto the stage

  • Third light on the background if possible

    • On the floor behind performer pointing up at background

    • Minimizes distracting shadows

    • Looks more professional

  • Color makes a difference!

    • Bright white light looks unnatural!

    • Best colors are a combination of "hay/straw"
      and "light pink"

    • Look closely at the flash on your iPhone's camera!


Light Pink

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